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Our Services

Bon Air has served our customers faithfully since 2006.  Kyle Falwell envisioned a solution to the challenges that inevitably occur in the process of buying or selling airplanes. What started as a simplistic brokerage has evolved into a complex business in which our company offers many different services as well as serves as a partner charter operation.


With full-time FAA FAA-certified A&P Mechanics we offer maintenance to based aircraft meaning minor or major repairs, inspections, and avionics work.

Hangar Rental

We rent out two spacious hangars to our customers that have the capability to hold five Citations each. For a monthly payment, your aircraft can be housed in a heated hangar for easy access.

Aircraft Management

We provide customizable services to meet the specific needs of each customer and have our own fuel.  We have all airplanes from single engine to jets under our management.

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We are the experts in personalized private aviation. Discover our suite of private jet services that are tailored to suit your every need anywhere in the world, whether you're flying for business or leisure.

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