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Owned and operated by Kyle Falwell, Bon Air Jet is a multi-faceted aviation company operating out of the Lynchburg Regional Airport.  Kyle Falwell is a Third-generation aviator with over 25 years of aviation experience. What started as a simple brokerage company turned into a complex business that meets all aspects of aviation needs.  Here at Bon Air Jet, we realize the importance of your time, and that is precisely why we will handle everything from the purchase to the daily operation of your aircraft. We provide aircraft management, sales, appraisal, training, and pilot services.


Under our management program, we take care of all things relating to your aircraft. We understand that life and business can be stressful enough, so our goal is to create a stress-free aviation experience for you or your business. We have experience managing all-size aircraft -- from 172's to Citations. All our services are customizable so that we can specifically assist with your aviation needs, whether they be business or pleasure.

Meet Our Team


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Maintenance Team


Line Crew

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