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Our Flight School

Whether it is a check-ride in the citation or private pilot training in a Cherokee, we handle it all. Our team of experienced instructors, maintenance technicians, and line technicians strive to make each student’s training efficient and enjoyable.

Flight Instructors

You'll learn everything you need to know to pass your FAA Pilot Tests (Knowledge & Checkride) and become a safe, smart pilot.

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Trainer Planes

Currently we have a Cherokee 140, Archer, and Warrior in our training fleet with plans to add more.  We also have a high performance Cherokee 6.

PDP Program

The purpose of this program is to align DavisAir with the FAA in promoting the development of professional pilots. The Professional Development Program is designed to allow a pilot to develop a strong foundational experience by experiencing a multi-plot environment at an earlier stage in a pilot's career. This experience will benefit the aviation community to produce safer, more experienced pilots from an earlier stage. Being a 135 operator with a varied fleet, DavisAir meets all the operational experience and qualifications for this program.


Book A Discovery Flight

If you are interested in joining our flight school contact the head of the flight school at


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